Welcome to Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue!

 The Story of Bean

In the spring of 2011, Bean was relinquished by her family of 10 years due to a move that did not include her.  Her family stated she lived outside and that she “loves to be outside”.  Bean walked into her foster home, stopped at the door, looked around the room at all the Beagles, and spotted a sweet tri-colored Beagle in the corner on a bed.   Bean said to herself   ‘ If I make friends with that dog, I will get to stay !! ‘ And she did.

Bean became the one in the house who appreciated being inside, accepted no “foolishness” from the other younger dogs, and guarded the sweet tri-colored Beagle named Allie Madeline, with everything she had.  Allie and Bean became the duo who rescue stories were made about.  In every sense of the word, they became “sisters”.

Over the years, they were together, they traveled, visited dog parks, made friends, and hosted several dog parties in their home.  They were always together literally.  Bean and Allie made sure all new fosters felt at home right from their first day.  Bean also made sure the rules were followed and did not allow for much foolishness along the way.

Bean took her final journey to the Rainbow Bridge in 2014, surrounded by her family.  She left a huge hole in our hearts, and a desire to continue the work she started.  Bean asked that we look after homeless Beagles and in her honor, Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue has been formed.


Our Beagles come from shelters and owner surrenders.

We are devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Beagles in need.

We service Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding areas throughout Southern California.

We are recognized by the State of California as a non-profit corporation and IRS 501(c)(3).

To contact us,  please call (714) 397-0705.