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August Sale at Dog Haus Pottery

All of our Kazegama Vases are on sale. 20% off of the marked-down price you will find the coupon at checkout.

August is a busy month at Dog Haus Pottery. We are working on all of our fall and winter season collections and need room for the new stuff so take advantage of the sale. We look forward to showing the new work.


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Festive Bowls

While in lockdown mode I have created a few new bowls that are colorful and will be great from a party after this is all over. I created a beautiful bowl that I glazed with a beach feel. The interior is a sand dune and the exterior is blue surf feeling. It’s a great combination for a summer party. This can be found on

sand dune

The interior does represent a sandy beach

blue surf

The exterior has wonderful blue-green colors of the surf mixing on a textured finished.

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Stoneware Dish

This is a great multi-purpose dish that can be used as a baking dish, serving dish for pasta, salad, casserole many things. This dish has a beautiful glaze finish that is food safe. Check it out at
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Copper Ore Bowl

While at home on the lockdown in Los Angeles I’ve been a very busy potter. I’ve made bowls, plates, and pitchers. We have just taken a load out of the kiln and I fell in love with this one bowl. Using Navajo clay that is a light clay that I’ve been using I created a wave bowl and the interior is copper ore glaze and the exterior is black walnut glaze. The combo is amazing. You can find it on

Myles and I have been busy bees in the studio and more is on the way I hope you enjoy.

Thanks, David