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Pasta Dishes and Serving Bowl

Pasta Dishes and Serving Bowl

The Pasta Dishes and Serving Bowl set that I made was all about the shape of the dish. A hybrid low like with a slight concave like a bowl so you and place the pasta on the dish.  Great presentation and not have to worry about the sauce going to the edge of the dish. And, in addition a serving bowl about 13 inches across and about 5 inches deep perfect for a large bowl of Pasta or salad.

Also great for a pasta party bone-white matte glaze will show off your wonderful red, pesto, or cream sauce. The under area is half dipped so you have the clay texture exposed. The clay is a mix of porcelain and light clay that has some texture. Please check out our site and for this set or other ceramic pieces.

Outside view

Beautiful four piece pasta dishes with a large serving bowl

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